Amon Amarth Live review

To begin with, I will promote my first review on Echoes and Dust.

Thats the first of many, I have a few more reviews that are almost done and are about to be emailed to the editor to be reviewed and posted.

On to the gig. Last night (27/01/2015) I made my way to the Classic Grand in a rush to see Savage Messiah, Huntress and Amon Amarth. I was rushing as the door opening times were changed but  not well publicised, and I only noticed at the very last minute.

I still made it in time to see the opening act Savage Messiah who started of sounding brutal but I put that down to sound issues as their set went on the sound improved and in the end I thought they had a very good set.

Next up were Huntress who were very hit and miss, the music sounded good but at times the female singer would screech and did not sound good in the process. Improvements in the vocals and Huntress would be an excellent band and it will be something that will hold them back.

Headlining were the band, I was there to see Amon Amarth. I have hoped to see them for a while now, so it was good to finally get to see them. They played some of my favourites Guardians of Asgaard, War of the Gods, and Twilight of Thunder God amongst an excellent set. They played with energy and the crowd responded. I really enjoyed Amon Amarth as I thought I would and overall it was a good night.