Every journey on the road has a start point and for this blog it is here. My name is David and I am 31. At the moment I am student of Archaeology at Glasgow and I also work part time at supermarket. I am really busy at the minute, but I always find the time to listen to music and I do this instead of watching TV. With six months left of University, it is time to look ahead to the future. My plan is hopefully to find work in Archaeology  but I would also hope to have much more free time. I could put my feet up and relax but that is not me. So as well as working my plan will be to maintain this blog and the social media pages used to promote it.

I have always had a keen interest in music and before I done archaeology, I completed a sound engineering course at college. I listen to a variety of music and music genres. This list includes country, hip hop, uplifting trance and everything in between. The blog title to highlight this comes from my nickname which is Thunder Road as I am a Bruce Springsteen fan, and left an archaeology dig for a couple of days to attend his concert at Hampden in 2013.  Now you might be getting confused because I have highlighted that this will be a blog about various genres of Metal and as of yet, I havent even mentioned metal till now.

I can listen to any form of music depending on my mood on the day and I believe if people have much interest in music then it is the same for them. Despite this my main interest these days is metal. It wasnt always the case, as I had spells where I mainly listened to Rap and Hip Hop, and spells where it was Trance music and so on.  I still listen on occasion to both those genres but it is rare. Throughout these periods I would still listen to plenty of Rock and early Metal bands such as Guns N Roses, Metallica and Iron Maiden. I have always enjoyed heavy riffs and great guitar melodies, but stopping me from getting into Metal like I am now was the screamo lyrics. That all changed and I am not sure how with In Flames and the song Come Clarity. Come Clarity has clean vocals not screamo but I was blown away by the song and it still is one of my personal favourites. I then checked out the album then In Flames back catalogue and by that point I was hooked on much heavier forms of metal and begam to check out other bands. I realised that despite appearing at first to me as just a loud screeching voice with no passion, screamo could be done with a lot of raw emotion that you cant always get with natural clean vocals.

Since that moment Metal began to take over, I had seen the light or had a moment of clarity (see what I did there), to the point where my Spotify and Deezer accounts are filled with metal playlists and albums and unlike before with other music, I attend gigs as regularly as possible. Since I got back from a lot of travelling during the summer in October, I have attended gigs by Alestorm/Lagerstein/Red Rum in October, Eluveitie/Arkona/Skalmold in November and Sabaton/Tyr/Korpiklaani in December. Upcoming I have Amon Amarth/Huntress/Savage Messiah at the end of January and in February il be going to see Primordial/Winterfylleth/Malthusian and Ominium Gatherum/De Profundis/Exile the Traitor/Forsaken World/Common Gods gigs. If I have done plenty of my dissertation, I hope to head down to London to see the Ensiferum/Insomnium/Ominium Gatherum gig in March.  I look forward to all these future gigs and will review them on this blog. That list also shows the range of bands that I listen to, as there are many others that I also listen to.

The extent of that list will be revealed in time as I blog on the music I listen to and the gigs I attend. The facebook and twitter feeds should also show the music I like as I will link, tweet any new music, bands and thoughts as they appear. The facebook and twitter accounts are linked in the about section. I Hope everyone that reads this blog enjoys it and if not I will welcome feedback on all blogs tweets and facebook posts as I can not improve and provide an entertaining read for people without feedback.



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