Rome was not built in a day

Like Rome I am not expecting some overnight success, instead my aim is to slowly build this blog up and improve my writing skills at the same time. In this short post I will describe my aims and what I expect to get out of it.

The main aim is mainly to get involved in the discussion of the music I am interested in and be able to share my likes and interests while at the same hearing others. The blog will be used to write my main articles reviews and other bits and pieces and at the same time I will promote it on social media. With social media, I also hope to be able to hear of new bands, I may have missed out on  and the latest news so I can add that into my posts.

I hope to keep the blog varied and interesting with information and reviews on a wide variety of bands from those starting out, to those at the very top. I will promote new bands that I come across or come into contact with via social media on the blog. I hope the 1 or 2 that come and see the very beginnings can see my aims and what I aim to do and keep coming back. During blog posts I will post youtube links etc but they will be official band pages mainly to ensure that the artist gets something back along with the limited promotion that the blog may provide. I will be critical when needed and wont just blindly shill bands. I think that is better for me, you and any band that one day in a future far away that may see it.  I will occassionally post playlists that are on youtube or my own to give people a wide variety of music to enjoy and become interested in as this is how I discover new music. I will also post on most days a song of the day which will allow me  to talk about different bands on different days. This may be cliche but I hope to keep it varied.

With all that said the main aim is to have fun and enjoy the music while discussing it.

Social media these days is obviously very important for promotion and discussion as setting up the blog, I am building up the social media by liking following and tweeting news music and updates to the blog. This allows me to see what is going and give me the chance to show promote this. The other benefit of it is bands that get in touch to promote their own music. With twitter I have already had a few bands and musicians get in touch about their music which is pretty cool.

Heart Impaled is one such band that is using twitter to gain followers and hats of to them in using social media to promote their music. They are from their bio from California and play according to their tags comic book death metal which should get everyone interested. During writing this blog I thought I would load up spotify and have a listen and my first impressions are very good, I have enjoyed the songs I have heard and would recommend others checking them out. I will write about their latest album in future. Links for the band are:

I will write about other bands that have tweeted or messaged me in future blogs as I listen to them. On twitter and facebook today I also posted my first song of the day which is a favourite of mine and it was Eluveitie – Thousandfold.

Eluveitie are a Swizz Metal band who can be described as a Celtic folk metal band. They use ancient gaulish in some of their songs and have consulted experts to ensure as much accuracy as possible as Gaulish is an exctinct language that survives only in ancient inscriptions. In November of last year, I went to see them and they were excellent  so if you have a chance to see them, go. Thousandfold has a great guitar intro that is very catchy and hooks you in straight away. The song describes the power of the Roman Empire against the Gauls and the reasons for conquest with the chorus “behold all our gold”.

With that my second blog is done hope the 1 or 2 lucky enough to read this have enjoyed it.



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