Planned gigs 2015 – Part 1

In this blog, I will talk about the gigs that I have tickets for and why I am going. It will only give a brief overview of bands as the number of gigs and bands I will be seeing is beginning to stack up. It will also be in two parts with this part covering the first 3 gigs I have planned this year. The 2nd Part will cover Ensiferum/Insomnium/Ominium Gatherum in London and The Warhorns Festival in Selby.

The first gig that I am going to is Amon Amarth on the 27th January. Supporting them are Huntress and Savage Messiah, two bands I was not familiar with before the gig was announced. Huntress are a heavy metal band that have a classically trained female vocalist leading them and from limited listening I should enjoy them live. I particularly hope to hear Eight of Swords live. Savage Messiah are a Melodic Thrash band who released a very good album last year with the highlights of the album being Minority of One and Scavengers of Mercy.

Huntress: Eight of Swords: 
Savage Messiah: Scavengers of Mercy –

The main reason I am going to this though is because I am a big fan of the headliner Amon Amarth.  They are a Viking Metal band playing songs based of Norse Mythology. They have released numerous albums with the most recent being the excellent Deceiver of the Gods. My favourite album is probably Twilight of the Thunder God with the title track and the Guardians of Aasgard my favourite songs. Other favourites of mine are Gods of War Arise and With Oden by our Side on the album of the same name.

Amon Amarth: Twilight of the Thunder God – 

The second gig I plan to attend is Primordial/Winterfylleth/Malthusian on the 5th February in Audio.  The reason for attendance is I enjoy the occassional listen to Primordial . I do not listen to them as much as other bands but I felt both would be worth seeing. Primordial are an Irish Metal band who declare they play Primordial Metal which could be described as Melodic Thrash/Death metal. The tour is named after their latest album Where Greater Men Have Fallen and I would recommend that everyone gives it a listen as it is a good album. Primordial have been around a long time and have plenty of other albums for people to check out if they enjoy what they hear below.

Primordial: Babel’s Tower – 

Winterfylleth are a black/folk metal band who sing about the heritage and history of England. They have released four albums with the most recent being the Divination of Antiquity which has the excellent Whisper of the Elements on it, which appear on the setlists on so I am looking forward to that.

Winterfylleth: Whisper of the Elements – 

The final band at present are unknown to me but I plan to check them out and report back my feelings on them before I go to the gig.

The final gig in this blog will be headlined by Ominium Gatherum who I will then see the following month supporting Ensiferum and Insomnium. The gig features a number of smaller bands who are well described on the facebook page.

With all the melodic death metal on their, I am quite excited to see all these new bands to me as like Malthusian, I have heard little of these bands except Ominium Gatherum.
Ominium Gatherum are a Finnish melodic death metal band who are one of my favourites. I enjoy their combination of strong melodies mixed in with the heavy music. New Dynamic is one of my personal favourites  and if you have not heard it, I highly recommend that anyone reading this does right now by playing the video I provide. They have many other highlights such as The Unknowing, In the Rim, Nail, Formidable, Watcher of the Skies and the Instrumental Luoto. It will be good to see them headlining then supporting two other excellent bands Ensiferum and Insomnium.

Ominium Gatherum: New Dynamic – 

That is it for another blog stay tuned for part 2. The song I chose for the song of the day is one band I will cover tomorrow Insomnium: While We Sleep.


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