Planned gigs 2015 – Part 2

Well it has been a busy week, so the blog has not been updated but I am back with the final part of the look ahead to the gigs I have planned so far for 2015. Here is the link to part 1 if anyone missed out.

The first gig I am going to write about in this blog is the Ensiferum/Insomnium/Ominium Gatherum gig in London at the end of March. In the the last blog I wrote about Ominium Gatherum as I will see there headline set in Glasgow. Here they will be opening and it will be interesting to see the differences in the set. They are a good band so it will be fun to see them twice.
Another band that was covered in the first blog was Insomnium as they had the song of the day with While we Sleep, which is one my favourite songs and I look forward to hearing it live. Insomnium are a melodic death metal band from Finland.  They formed in 1997 and have released numerous albums with the latest being the excellent Shadows Of The Dying Sun. This is the album that features While we Sleep and so many other great songs such as The Promethean Song, The River and The Primeval Dark.  They have many excellent songs from previous albums as well and in future I will cover their albums in their entirety by reviewing them in future blogs.

The headline act will be Ensiferum who will be touring in support of their latest album due next month. They have just released the title track of the album One Man Army, which you can hear here –

Their previous album was the Unsung Heroes in 2012, which featured two of my favourites that I am hoping to see live the title track and In My Sword I trust.

This then should be a great gig with three bands I really enjoy, so I am looking forward to the journey to London for this.

The final gig, I have tickets for is actually a festival called Warhorns which is in September. The bands that are confirmed for now are

Nothgard – Germany
SKILTRON – Argentina
Old Corpse Road – Northumbria
Ravenage – Yorkshire
Mountains Crave – Yorkshire
Forneus – Yorkshire


SKYCLAD – Northumbria
Finsterforst – Germany
Solstice-Englander – England
Cryptic Forest – Germany
Saor – Scotland
Firtan – Germany
Cnoc An Tursa – Scotland
Annwn – Wales
Scandelion – Gran Canaria
Elysium – Mercia

From the events official facebook:
Apart from Elysium clicking on the bands name will take you to their official facebook.

The bands I am looking forward to most are Saor and Cnoc An Tursa, who are both Scottish bands. Cnoc An Tursa are  a Celtic black metal band and they have released one album, The Giants of Auld. The highlight of that album in my opinion is The Spellbound Knight, though it is a very strong debut album with several great songs.

Cnoc An Tursa – The Spellbound Knight:

Saor are more atmospheric Celtic metal, though it is only one man that is involved in the recording process Andy Marshall.  The most recent release is Aura which contains five very good songs and finishes strongly with Pillars of the Earth. This album is my recent band purchase and it is well worth the money and I will review it in future.

Saor – The Pillars of the Earth:

I dont know enough of the other bands to comment on them at present but I will cover them in detail as they year goes on. I have listened to their songs and enjoy what I have heard, so this looks like it is going to be a very fun two days seeing some lesser known but very good bands.

This is what I would call all the introductory stuff over with, going forward I will be covering individual bands and reviewing albums in future blogs.  I will do bands I enjoy and bands I do not listen to as  much so I can get to know them better.

The song for today is by the Swedish melodic death metal heavyweights In Flames, Where the Dead Ships Dwell.


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