Forsaken World – Fragments short review.

When looking at the bands that will be playing with Ominium Gatherum I came across Forsaken World who are a melodic death metal band from France. The Facebook event links to you this site: The site plays like a post apocalyptic radio with fragments of their latest album appearing occassionally throughout. It is very clever and links well their latest album release. The album is called fragments and the artwork for the site is also used in the album cover.  The teaser for the album is below

The teaser for the album sums it up well heavy guitar work, and relentless drumming with vocals that could do with improving. The foot steps at the end are from the albums intro which plays into the whole post apocalyptic theme that the band are going for through out. Occasionally the album will give you sound effects such as an old internet dial up tone and melodic breakdowns to break up the relentless pace the music goes at .  I dont do ratings when it comes to reviews but it was good to hear the bands sound before I hear them live. They have potential if they rectify the vocal issues and they improve some of their breakdowns  while removing the atrocious track ‘For Love of Yesterday’, and the final track ‘Fragments of a Modern Extinct Era’, which is my favourite shows this. It is a good end to an average album.


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