Countless Skies – Countless Skies EP review.

While promoting the blog on social media, Ross King of Countless Skies asked if I would like to review the band, and of course I was willing to accept. I will review any bands that want to send me new material to help promote it. Now onto Countless Skies who are a melodic death metal band from England. The EP is their first offering and contains four songs that would not be out of place on an Ominium Gatherum or Be’Lakor release with their emotional melodies and snarling growling vocals.

The first track on the EP, is also the strongest Ethereal. The track starts of with a nice melody before the drums and guitar kick in and add a heavy layering of death metal on top of the opening melody. The song occassionally breaks down and drops the melody with growling vocals added to it to give the song an emotional edge. As well as the growling snarling vocals we also get clean vocals on the chorus, which adds a different dimension to the song. Its a song of many parts and layers but one that works as it has been well produced.

The other three songs on the EP follow this formula but are not as strong. Penance, the next track is my favourite of the remaining three, without the clean vocals on the chorus, I think it works better than the final two tracks.  They are good tracks though and with the previous two songs they show the potential the band has going forward.  Countless Skies is an excellent arrival for a band who wear their influences on their sleeve and they provide us with an excellent melodic death EP.  Fans of Ominium Gatherum, Be’Lakor and Insomnium will enjoy this album and should check it out beginning with Ethereal.


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