Reviews and Gigs

The links are to the latest reviews, I have up on Echoes and Dust.

Thulcandra are a hard hitting Melodic Death Metal band from Germany, who are very good.

The Elemental Nightmares 5 review is about one part of a split of compilation releases. I enjoyed all 4 bands, but Eternal Storm was the pick of the bunch. Will of the Ancients and Stortregn were also very good.

I have submitted one review for Winterage, which I imagine will be up soon. They are a Symphonic Power Metal band who are a lot of fun,

I have a few more reviews to do at the minute, including the new Ensiferum album which is really good. The Jazz Metal combination of Trepalium is also worth a listen, which you can do below.

On the 3rd February, I attended my third gig of the year by seeing Portrait live at Ivory Blacks. Portrait were excellent as were the other bands Watchers Guard and The Rabid Bitch of the North.  On the 5th I will be attending the Primordial gig at Audio so I am looking forward to that and will post a review of it.

A short update today but it is a busy week and there is plenty of reading in the reviews so check those out thanks David.