I am back.

Well after an intense busy period at University and time to relax, I am back to writing at last. As I thought when I started it early, there would be a spell of inactivity. I had my dissertation to do then exams and for a spell after that I just didnt want to write but I am up for it again and here I am. I will start updating this and the social media from now on again and I will also begin writing and clearing my backlog for Echoes and Dust before moving on to new material. I thought I would dip my toes back in with a mini review of an album that I have always enjoyed. The problem was which one. Today though I went with Within Temptation – Silent Force after See Who I am played on my Ipod first. A shaky basis to make a decision on, but the album does have some of my favourite symphonic metal/rock songs.

The Silent Force was the third album released by the band after the debut Enter and Mother Earth, an album that contained the song Ice Queen that brought the band to prominence. Ice Queen was a Symphonic metal song which was a different direction from the more gothic debut album Enter. Mother Earth as an album also contained more Celtic and Folk elements than the first album. The Silent Force album continued this trend by becoming more melodic. It contains many standout tracks that I enjoy such as See Who I am, Stand my Ground, Pale, Angels, Memories and Somewhere. The rest of the tracks in the album are strong as well, which is why I rank it as my favourite Within Temptation album, though Mother Earth is not far behind as Ice Queen and Our Farewell are among my favourite tracks of the band. If Symphonic Metal is your thing then those two albums are worth checking out, as you will not be disappointed.

That is that for my first post back, I will try and post daily but beginning tomorrow I have backlog to clear for Echoes and Dust, which I will start doing by finishing my Heidevolk review. I have seven albums to review and I will post the links to them once they are all done and published.