Countless Skies – Solace review.

Well it has taken longer than I thought it would, but here I am with my next review. I did manage to get one out for Echoes and Dust last month, and I have a few more to write which I am currently doing. The link for that is here:

This review is for Countless Skies next release which is the single – Solace. I first reviewed the band back in January for their self titled EP, which was excellent and here is the link to it:

The song has been released in time for the bands performance at Bloodstock next week. It will also be a part of the bands new  album which is scheduled to be released later in the year.

Solace begins with an accoustic opening before the full track enters with relentless drum work and heavy melodic guitar work.  This is then followed by the deep growling vocals, until we get about half way through the song and we get clean operatic vocals. The song then breaks down to an acoustic section with quieter almost whispering vocals that leads into the songs heavy melodic climax. It is a song that takes the bands previous work and adds to it, showing the potential that the full album has that will later follow it. Solace for now is highly recommended as you wait for the full release, which I am looking forward to.

Get the song here:


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