Retro Reviews – Within Temptation – The Silent Force

I thought as well as new reviews, I would share occassionally reviews of albums that I have enjoyed over the years. I thought my first one would be an easy one as I ease my way back into writing after needing a break after I completed my dissertation.

Within Temptation are a Gothic Symphonic metal band that released their first album Enter in 1997. The album I will be reviewing is Silent Force which was their third album after Mother Earth, which was their breakthrough album featuring classics such as Our Farewell and Ice Queen.  Silent Force was released in 2004 and it is an album that I always enjoy going back to and listening to and without wanting to mention personal issues, it is an album that I enjoy hearing during the difficult times.

The album begins with an atmospheric symphonic opening track that would not be out of place as an opening piece in a film or stage production. We then get a sudden dramatic drum and synth opening to the next track See Who I am. The song like most of the album is simple in structure with melodic uplifting guitar leads and heavy drumming featured alongside Sharon den Adel powerful passionate vocals.  The vocals are one of the highlights of the album as the range and passion add depth to the music. The following songs Jillian and Stand My Ground follow this formula before Pale strips away the guitar and adds violins and flutes to create something different from what has become before and in my opinion is one of the highlights of the album.

My other favourites from the album are three songs that feature in the second half of the album Memories, Angels and the song that closes the album strongly Somewhere. Silent Force while simple in structure is  excellent  largely down to Sharons vocals and the lyrics that accompany it but the music is also very steller and works nicely alongside the vocals to create a powerful album, that I highly recommend.