Sacrilegium – Angelus

wykrojnik  (3)

Polish band Sacrilegium formed in 1993 and released their first demo in 1994. In 1996 they released the excellent Wicher album. It was a melancholic pagan black metal album that was well received when it was released. Soon after the band would split up but fifteen years later they are back and preparing the release of their new album Anima Lucifera later on in 2016.

To prepare for that release on the 28th December they released the first single from the album ‘Angelus’. As well as the album version of the track they have also included on the single a demo version and four remixes. The remixes were done by ROD (Slavonic folk-dubstep), Echoes of Yul (post-rock), Zenial (experimental, avant-garde) and In Slaughter Natives (industrial).

The album version begins with an atmospheric opening before the band comes in with a familiar melancholic sound if you have heard the Wicher album. Instead of playing on nostalgia and just redoing the previous release though, ‘Angelus’ is more intense and aggressive. It is an impressive opening single that should whet the appetite for the forth coming album release.


Pagan Records



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