Falls of Rauros – Vigilance Perennial

Fall of Rauros are a band from Portland, Maine. They have released three prior albums to this and a split with the excellent Panopticon.  While labelled Black Metal this does a disservice to the beautiful music they create as it is much more than that.

The album begins with the song ‘White Granite,’  which begins slowly with clean guitars before being joined by the drums. After a progressive minute or two, the song begins to pick up in terms of intensity as we hear the first black metal growls. The song at just over ten minutes features large instrumental sections which are then broken up by vocal parts. The second track which is not much shorter features a beautiful intro before the track becomes much darker and heavier than the previous one.

The album is broken up by a beautiful acoustic track before a heavy intro to the fourth track ‘Arrow & Kiln’ begins. The track is twelve minutes long and features a nice guitar solo. The final track then closes out the album with a frantic pace to it as it draws the album to a finish. Vigilance Perennial overall is an excellent album that has plenty of depth and emotion to it. The tracks are easy to listen and never feel long despite their length as they feature plenty of variety in structure and instrumentation.  For fans of Atmospheric Black metal this is an easy recommendation to make.  It is also an album that would be a good starting point for those new to this type of music.


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