Wisdom of Shadows – Sciah Vosieni



Wisdom of Shadows are an atmospheric black metal band from Belarus. They formed in 2014 and since then have released an album along with several EPs and splits. Sciah Vosieni is their second album which is out now on Bandcamp.

The album begins with ‘U Abdymkach Sonca  (In Embrace of Sun)’, which is an atmospheric opening track that introduces the album to the listener. It combines atmospheric effects and synths to lead into the next song which is the title track ‘Sciah Vosieni (Flag Of Fall)’. It continues with the wind and rain heard previously as the synths quietly adds to the gloominess. This continues for over a minute then the band comes in. The drums are slow and repetitive adding to the gloom. The sound of the guitars are melancholic and fit in nicely with the atmospheric elements.

The next song is ‘Razvitannie z Zimoj (Farewell to Winter)’ which features the band more prominently that the previous track. The synthesizer melody reminds me of the one featured in Frozen Ocean’s track ‘Once Aglow’. They are very similar. This is the longest song on the album at eleven minutes long but could have cut out two minutes of the ending and it would have improved the song as towards the end it does get repetitive. Despite these issues the track is good overall.

The penultimate track is ‘Piesnia Viatroŭ (Song Of Winds)’ and contains the same effects as the first two songs throughout.  That said the song is different enough for the repetition of elements to not be an issue. The final track ‘Pa-Za…(Outside)’  is another atmospheric track to end the album as it began.

This is a good album that could have been excellent with a little less repetition. It is worth checking out though as the songs are easy to listen to and enjoy.