Endless Voyage X – Those Who Time Forgot.

Endless Voyage X is an atmospheric doom/black solo project from Cleveland Ohio. This is the second EP following on from ‘Darker Seasons last year which is also worth checking out on Bandcamp. ┬áThe lyrics are formed from Jake’s own philosophies and thoughts with a focus on themes of the oceans and darkness.

The opening track on the album is ‘Far From Home’ which packs a punch from the beginning with the drums and guitar. About a minute in the black metal influences start to appear with large growls accompanying it. The song intertwines the doom and black metal influences effectively throughout until it abruptly just ends.

The second song ‘Perpetual misfortune’ has a continually feeling of doom from the start layered with black metal vocals. About three minutes the tone of the track shifts with a nice lead guitar sound being brought in as the track becomes heavier. The third track ‘Melancholy’ is an acoustic track that lives up to the title and provides a nice break amongst the doom and darkness. This does not last long though as soon as it finishes the fourth and final track comes out all guns blazing. About halfway through we get some more nice lead guitar sounds before the song picks up in intensity again as the EP┬áraces to a finish.

Out on May 26th this is an EP which I would highly recommend to those that enjoy doom and black metal as they are combined throughout to great effect. With the first two EPs Endless Voyage X shows great potential for the future.